UK Hard Water Map 2019: Which are the areas most affected by Hard Water?

The United Kingdom is highly affected by hard water issues. Around 60% of water used in many areas consists of calcium carbonate which is above 200 mg per liter. This was found in both UK’s public water supplies and well water.

This study was done when many Brits revealed that their home is damaged due to hard water.

As per reports Suffolk town had the highest amount of calcium carbonate in water i.e. 423 mg per liter. Commissioned by a leading water company of UK did random research on 2000 residents out of which 1/ 5th people were unaware of hard and soft water.

People think that hard water does not make any difference. But the fact is hard water does have adverse effects on the skin, hairs as well as appliances. They cause major damages including energy and water wastage.

Hard water is the culprit behind that chalky substance on your plumbing and machinery.

The survey stated that appliances like electric kettle, coffee machine, and the washing machine was highly affected due to limescale. UK people spent £311.87 averagely for repairing of such appliances.

Why many parts of UK have hard water?

The geological circumstances on an area determine water hardness or softness.

Rainwater is soft but when begin to seep into the rocks and segments minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfate, potassium etc present in the soil dissolves in the water. When mineral content in the water is high it becomes hard. This is the reason why groundwater is generally hard.

The South and East England: The Hardest water regions:

As per differentiation in geology, South and East zone of England has concentrated minerals water deposition compare to North and West zone. It is because these parts contain limestone and other has granite.

Hardest Water Regions of UK are: (Towns and Cities)

Town and Cities Magnesium or Calcium Carbonate Level Hardness Level
Bath 307 Very Hard
Hemel Hempstead 303 Very Hard
Milton Keynes 308 Very Hard
Slough 304 Very Hard
Swidon 349 Hard water
Bristol 232 Hard water
Guildford 238 Hard water
Oxford 279 Hard water
Walton on Thames 238 Hard water


UK Counties Having Hardest Water:

  1. Bedfordshire
  2. Berkshire
  3. Buckinghamshire
  4. Cambridgeshire
  5. Dorset
  6. Essex
  7. Gloucestershire
  8. Greater London
  9. Hampshire
  10. Hertfordshire
  11. Kent
  12. Oxfordshire
  13. Surrey
  14. Sussex
  15. Wiltshire

Key Hard Water Facts:

    • Hard water affects hair and skin quality. Hair and skin become rough and loses shine.
    • More detergent is needed to clean clothes.
    • House appliances lifespan is decreased by 40 percent.
    • Soap scum builds up on the skin making it dry and cracked.
    • Natural oils wash away and skin does not remain younger and bouncy. You may look older due to fine lines and wrinkles.
    • With 1. 6 mm of limescale coating appliances efficiency is reduced by 12 percent.
    • Clogging and corrosion of pipe and fittings are due to hard water.

What to do if you reside in a hard water area?

Hard water causes electricity and water wastage. It causes hundreds of pounds every year in form of electricity & water bill and repair & maintenance of appliances.

Get a Water Softener at your home to solve this issue permanently.