How to select an Electric Shower for your Bathroom

You have decided you need an electric shower, but this is your first time getting one, or you probably want to change a bad one. You have no idea what you should look for when buying an electric shower.

Well, allow me to take that burden off your chest by giving you a brief yet detailed guide on what to look out for when selecting an electric shower.

The best electric showers aren’t always the most expensive ones; they are the most functional ones. Therefore, when you go shopping for one, make sure you have these tips in mind.

Tips to Buy an Electric Shower:

  • Your Budget

Everyone has a budget, and this is the first determining factor of the type of electric shower you will be getting. You know your budget, so stick to it. Search for showers within your price range to make things easier for you.

  • The Brand

Yes, the brand matters a lot. There are top brands known and attested for their quality and efficiency. Brands like Mira showers, Triton, Bristan, and Aqualisa are renowned for producing the best electric showers in the market. Though there are other brands available, I’m sure you’ll want to settle for the best.

  • Easy to install and use

An electric shower must not only fit into your bathroom but must also be compatible with your plumbing system. It should also be something you can easily install yourself by just reading the manual.

A user-friendly electric shower is also necessary. You want something that you can easily operate without having to read the manual every time you want to take a shower or tutor a new guest who wants to use the bathroom.

  • Heat Efficiency

The sole reason why you are buying an electric shower is that you need a better and more efficient hot water supply. That is why you should settle for an electric shower that provides just that and nothing less. Make sure you check the product components to know the rate of durability.

  • Safety

Your safety is paramount, and you should know that you are secured whenever using the appliance. Go for electric showers that have added safety features like automatic on and off when it’s not in use and others. This prevents any possible chances of accidents like fire outbreak which could result in injuries.

  • Check the flow rate

The flow rate is the amount of hot water supplied per minute. It is determined by the KW power rating; this means that the higher the power rating, the larger hot water supply you get. For example, a 7.5 KW electric shower will produce 3.5 L of water per minute while a 12.5 KW shower produces 6 L per minute. You should choose an electric shower depending on how cold your environment is, the colder it is, the higher the flow rate.

  • Added Features

It doesn’t hurt for you to settle for an electric shower that not only meets the above requirements but also has some cool features. Go for showers with advanced technology like wireless control, LED indicators and so on. It makes it more fun and exciting to use.